The Spirit of Student Council

To accomplish anything significant takes collaboration-a team. At VIT Pune’s Student Council we have just that. Armed with our motto: “Learn, Empower, Act, Grow”, the purpose of the Student Council is to ensure the smoothest possible functioning of student activities. ‘Learning’ is really the backbone of the council-the council seeks to operate intelligently. Knowledge is Power- the council looks to ‘empower’ the college through this ‘learning’. We strive to ‘act’ conscientiously and ‘grow’ the college in reputation and influence. The VIT student council was conceived and created for one sole purpose-to do anything and everything for the college. We are an effective bunch but with responsibility comes accountability-the student council is appointed by the college administration and is hierarchical, though it operates with a high degree of amiability and transparency. We are a cheerful lot really! Always looking to engage with our fellow students and addressing their grievances with a smile. That’s not all. Is there a workshop to be organised? An event to be conducted? Expect the Student Council to be at the very centre of it, making it all fall into the place. This consortium of students is motivated, dedicated and above all striving to enhance the college experience for every student!

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