International Bodies



The IEEE is Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.  IEEE at VIT aims at educational and technical advancement of electrical and electronic engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering and allied disciplines. It is an active organisation which conducts various workshops related to MATLAB ,Big data, Internet-of-Things, Data Science, Data Analysis,etc. This gives an insight of end to end solution for automation in next generation. It provides a brilliant forum for technical advancement of students irrespective of their branch.

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SAE, the Society of Automotive Engineers in VIT lays principal emphasis on automotive, aerospace, and commercial vehicles. The SAE team of VIT, Pune has many national awards to its credit. Belonging to the mechanical dept, this club is in-charge of conducting industrial visits, technical workshops, guest lectures for students from all branches. Along with providing an annual SAE India membership, it has conducted visits to Hyundai,Forbes Marshall, Sandvik, John Deere etc and workshops like CATIA, ansys, lathe  aiming to bridge the gap between students and industry. 
SAE VIT, Pune is an excellent organisation which provides a crucial platform for the students to stay in touch with the latest advancements and pave a path for excellence and innovation in the field of automotive engineering.

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