VIT, Pune believes in the policy of ‘Joyful Learning’ wherein college life has a healthy blend of learning as well as student activities and festivals. Keeping this in mind the college hosts three key events that the students look forward to: Vishwakarandak, Melange and Vishwotsav.

‘Vishwakarandak’ is the annual inter-departmental college festival where each department competes to outperform the others. Students participate in large numbers to compete in an array of individual competitions and team events that bring out their hidden talents. All the  events test the participants’ ability to perform under pressure and exhibit their creativity.  Winners are earn valuable points to help their department out do the others in order to win the coveted trophy. 

‘Melange ‘ is the annual inter-collegiate festival in which students from across country take part. The gala event is stretched over a span of four-five days. The students partake in various activities across the following domains: Technical, Extra-curricular, Spots and Socials. Competitors get  to gauge their flair in a talented and competitive pool. Some of the popular trademark events include V-Rock, RoboWars, Footloose, Blind Robo Race, Mr. and Ms. Pune.   The winners are awarded with cash prizes and certificates.

‘Vishwotsav’ is the  culminating  cultural event hosted by the college for its students over a period of three days. Students enjoy the first two days by dressing up in the costumes of their favourite characters  and  traditional clothing in  the themed ‘Sari day’ and ‘ Tie day’. The final day is a fun-filled day consisting of band performances, stage events and dances. The events also acts as a stress buster after the examinations. ‘Vishwotsav’ is the celebration of coming together of everyone thus, leaving  good memories.

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