Vishwakarma Institute of Technology has made a lot of progress in academic domain. But all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so the students of VIT have started numerous clubs, technical as well as non-technical. The students display a massive amount of talent and clubs are the perfect way to channel their creativity and hone their skills.A plethora of clubs are active in VIT, even during holidays. Committed maybe an understatement to describe the feelings of students towards their clubs. VIT has numerous technical clubs such as Trident Labs, The Robotics Forum, Enigma etc. These clubs do significant amount of work in the technical domain extending the knowledge and capabilities of students so that they think about practical problems. Trident Labs has its own AUV division which was one of the participants in SAUVC, Singapore a very esteemed international competition. They have recently started a Satellite division, too. TRF in itself is a very well-established club, one of the oldest in VIT, which brings technical knowledge and amazing creativity. They have participated in Robocon and other robotics competitions every year and are constantly improving their projects. They have also completed their robot ‘BHAU’. Clubs like Gedit focus on spreading knowledge by letting students teach other student important practical skills. TRF, Trident Labs, Gedit, Enigma and IEEE Student Branch all organise many technical workshops which are attended by students all over Pune. Other clubs like Technokrats and Enigma are also a great part of the technical sectionNon-technical clubs of VIT also have their share of excitement from the students. Clubs like Speaker’s Club, Q-Soc, The VIT Literary Society have been in an integral part of VIT’s extra-curricular domain. From having exciting debates and fun jamming sessions in Speaker’s club to presenting amazing poems in ‘Mehfil’ the poets’ club, students like to keep in touch with their non-academic half too. Mirage is a club which screens many movies worth watching from all over the world. Q-soc a new venture is VIT’s official quizzing club which participates in many famed quizzes like TATA Crucible and Indikya. With them winning 4th position in the national level of Indikya quiz, they have proven their mettle in the quizzing world.These clubs play an important role in developing students throughout their 4 years of engineering at VIT. And surely the alumni which visit every year like to reminisce in their time in the clubs and share their memories and experience with students. With a great many clubs already up and running there is always room for more. All you need is crazy idea and touch of dedication!

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